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/ 2009 / December


Name: Greenie Type: Puny Zombie Loves: Making a Mess Description: Greenie loves the smell of a fresh house—especially if there are people in it.  He can’t operate a doorknob, so he’ll climb in the window when you’re not looking!... Read More »
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Name: Betsy Type: Double-Barrell Shotgun Hates: Zombies Description: This is Chuck’s sweetie, Betsy.  She wears the pants in the relationship.  Most of the time, things are great, but she’ll get grumpy if there aren’t enough Zombies to go around.... Read More »
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Name: Chuck Type: Zombie Cleaner Loves: Buckshot, Barbeque, and keeping your Necessities Zombie-Free Description: Chuck’s a former janitor who found his calling when the Zombie Horde arrived!  Now he works every night with his trusty shotgun, Betsy, to keep... Read More »
18 December 2009 | 1 Comment