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/ 2010 / January

Zombie Wonderland is on PocketGamer.co.uk!

Our first screenshots are out and the great guys at PocketGamer.co.uk got a story! We are very excited to be featured and the pressure is way up now to get the game polished and out the door as soon... Read More »
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First Gameplay Screenshots!

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27 January 2010 | 2 Comments   

Aunt Lilly’s House

This is Aunt Lilly’s house. She’s having a bit of a zombie infestation and hired Chuck to get rid of the pesky dead-alive things. Read More »
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Name: Grannie Type: Old, wrinkled, and crotchety! Loves: Screaming metal bands Description: Don’t let that nice polka-dot print fool you.  Grannie peals paint off the walls with her voice, so don’t go talking to one without a set of... Read More »
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Name: Meanie Type: Big and Mean Hates: Banging on things Description: Meanie is a big guy, and luckily he’s too big to fit through a window.  That doesn’t make him any less of a problem, though.  If he gets... Read More »
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