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It’s almost here!

24 May 2010 | 5 Comments   

Hello everyone,

We’ve been awfully busy getting Zombie Wonderland ready for you these past months.

Lots of things happened during this time. UK publisher Chillingo picked up our game, gave us tons of great support and feedback. New people came to help us. We increased the fun and dialed the zombies to 11.

Now it’s ready for its close-up. 7 Months of grueling work, from people around the world, to bring you what we believe is one of the coolest zombie games out there.

We are very proud of it, and we think you will have a lot of fun playing it.

So grab your mop, ready your shotgun, because here they come!!


  1. [R]uthlesnesS on 25 May 10, 11:12pm

    omg i cant wait!

  2. dan on 29 May 10, 1:58am

    when is soooon??? How soon can’t wait!

  3. dan on 29 May 10, 1:58am

    when is soooon??? How soon?

  4. Austin Trees on 07 June 10, 10:28am

    When Is Soon, Exactly?

  5. balazs on 09 June 10, 7:27am

    Are you planning to make an android version also? :)

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