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Exclusive Interview with Chuck the Zombie Cleaner!

Chuck! At last we get the legend in front of us for an interview. Are you ready to get started? Read More »
01 July 2010 | 2 Comments   

Poll: Which Zombie Wonderland Level is the Most Fun?

Please help us improve our game with your vote! Or for you more detailed folks, please leave feedback in the comments! Read More »
29 June 2010 | 1 Comment   

Zombie Wonderland is Available for iPhone!

Grab your mops and wooden planks!  Zombie cleaners wanted! Get your copy of Zombie Wonderland at the iPhone App Store while it’s hot! The 1-800 number is already ringing off the hook, and Chuck needs help keeping the nice... Read More »
11 June 2010 | No Comments   

It’s almost here!

Hello everyone, We’ve been awfully busy getting Zombie Wonderland ready for you these past months. Lots of things happened during this time. UK publisher Chillingo picked up our game, gave us tons of great support and feedback. New people... Read More »
24 May 2010 | 5 Comments   


Name: Flamie Type: Hot Zombie Loves: Burning you! Description: Flamies are Greenies that ran into a little trouble with some lighter fluid.  They set other Greenies on fire, so it’s good to make sure you take them down quick... Read More »
01 May 2010 | No Comments   

Zombie Wonderland is on PocketGamer.co.uk!

Our first screenshots are out and the great guys at PocketGamer.co.uk got a story! We are very excited to be featured and the pressure is way up now to get the game polished and out the door as soon... Read More »
28 January 2010 | No Comments   

First Gameplay Screenshots!

Read More »
27 January 2010 | 2 Comments   

Aunt Lilly’s House

This is Aunt Lilly’s house. She’s having a bit of a zombie infestation and hired Chuck to get rid of the pesky dead-alive things. Read More »
07 January 2010 | No Comments   


Name: Grannie Type: Old, wrinkled, and crotchety! Loves: Screaming metal bands Description: Don’t let that nice polka-dot print fool you.  Grannie peals paint off the walls with her voice, so don’t go talking to one without a set of... Read More »
07 January 2010 | No Comments   


Name: Meanie Type: Big and Mean Hates: Banging on things Description: Meanie is a big guy, and luckily he’s too big to fit through a window.  That doesn’t make him any less of a problem, though.  If he gets... Read More »
07 January 2010 | No Comments   
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