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ZW2 Credits

A Xoobis Production

Big Kahunas

Alex Bortoluzzi
Tati Santos
Scott Capistrano

Very Complicated Art Stuff

Quinn Nguyen

Super Duper Art and Animation

Daniel Jirasuvankit
Mark Nunez
Warren Pemberton
Shaun Womack

A Good Helping Hand in Times of Testing

Tony Hernandez

Programming by Twisted Oak Studios

Harrison Clarke
Devin Horsman
Matthew Jewkes
Allan Lavell
Petar Markovitch
Paul Pettipas

Soundtrack of Awesomeness

Tapani Siirtola

Extra Concept Art Greatness

Ian Peter Hosfeld

Incredible Voice of Chuck

Philip Donahue

Groovy Zombie Groans and Screams:

Alex Bortoluzzi, Phil Donahue, Tati Santos, Flavia Amon, Denise Marques and Dexter the Cat

Two Perfect Fonts

Komika Axis by Vigilante Typeface Corporation
Gosmick Sans by Gemfonts

Sound Effects Lovely and Gently used under permission from the talented and tireless people from Free Sound Project www.freesound.org
For the full list see here: ZW2 Extended Credits

“Death Worm” used under permission of PlayCreek LLC

The friends, family and acquaintances that
we could never, ever thank enough:

Shawn Capistrano, Alex Martins, Pam Capistrano, David Neal, Brian Morrisroe, Jim Zachary, Ben Loveless, Jeff McIntire, Erica Santos da Motta, The Cabin Studios LA, Reza Safinia, Richard Lopez, the Flores/Nunez Families, Michel Maillot, Christian Rossi and all the ones that made this possible. You know who you are.
Yeah, even you there in the corner. We love you all!

This Game was shot on location in Niceville, USA.

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