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How to Play:

In Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! you are helping Chuck, Niceville’s only zombie cleaner. And he’s busy!

Chuck loves his job – but loathes Zombies and all the mess they make in people’s homes.

A job takes 3 nights, from midnight to sunrise, and you have to keep the place clean and keep property damage to a minimum. Oh, and not dying in the process. That’s important too.

The secret to a successful zombie cleaning job is:
a) Board up all your windows quickly in the beginning of the night!
b) Deploy your Turret weapon on a well placed window.
Shooters are best on a wall with double windows, so they can cover a wide area.
Single attack turrets are best on a hard to reach window, so you don’t have to maintain it as often.
c) Clean up as much goo during the attacks. Leaving it all for the end could hit you with Goo Penalties that might be the difference between affording a good weapon and waiting until you get the funds to buy it.
d) If you are using the Zombauto auto vacuum cleaner, remember to activate it when any goo hits the floor. They work independently from you, so you don’t need to scrub goo spots, and it does its job while you are busy splattering zombie goo all over the place with your shotgun. Again.
e) Don’t stab the screen with your fingertips, you might shake the screen and lose focus.
Choose carefully where you want Chuck to go, and kill a zombie with a couple taps. Don’t waste precious time hammering the screen when the zombie is already dead!
f) If you die, try again. The Zombie waves have variable spawning speeds, so you might get a little easier night to fight the undead – and score a gold star!

The Awesome arsenal of a Zombie Cleaner: Weapons!

Main Bullets

The Main Bullets are the default ammunition your shotgun Betsy will shoot. They are unlimited and are the standard weapon against zombies. They are the most important assets in your arsenal, so if you find yourself continuously failing epically, go to the ZombieStore and upgrade your Main Bullets as soon as possible!


is the Main Bullet your shotgun starts with. It gives zombies a good push, but it’s too spread out for effective use. Good for early levels, but trying to finish the game with it might very well be impossible.


is a must for serious Zombie Cleaners. Concentrated firepower, doesn’t push zombies away as much, but the larger bullets are much more effective. Zombies go down twice as fast, and work wonders for your clients!


is a fast, very sharp bullet to fire through the hordes. Its range is the longest and it shoots through more than one zombie at once. You’ll tear through hordes of zombies like they were made of paper! Moaning, undead, gooey paper…


is nothing less than shocking. A very fast, short range bolt of electricity that is perfect for fast moving targets in close range attacks. Its electric blast can also fry any surrounding enemies. This ammo is pure power and is a zombie’s worst nightmare. When it’s time to lay some serious smack down on the creepiest of creeps, it gets no better than this.

Special Bullets

Special bullets are different from main bullets in that they have special effects on zombies you use them against. These effects can be beneficial in creating strategies, saving you from tight situations and for kicking ass all around. However, unlike main bullets, special bullets are limited to a certain number of uses per night. Don’t worry, once purchased they will be yours to equip forever and will be fully stocked when you begin each night. Just keep in mind you only have a handful so use them only when you have to. A well used special bullet at the exact right time is oh so satisfying to any zombie cleaner!


bullets are your default special bullets, and can come in handy when you find yourself overwhelmed and need to slow things down. The speed of an approaching zombie will be drastically reduced to a snail’s crawl, allowing you to take it out much easily. Especially useful when the level objectives you must protect are in danger.

Frost Bite

bullets are great for more powerful zombies that really need to chill out. Shooting zombies with these bullets freezes them on impact, creating a giant ice cube that can even block the path for other approaching zombies. The ice will eventually thaw and the zombie will come back weak and cold, but a quick thinking zombie cleaner can definitely chisel out some strategy using this cold-hearted ammo.


bullets are the ultimate zombie revenge! This ammo will reduce most zombies to a pile of bones instantly. Some bosses are immune, though. If you want your special bullets to come with some extra punch to get you out of a jam fast, then you will not go wrong here.


bullets have the potential to create blocking areas against other zombies by turning a zombie to stone. However, unlike the Frost Bite, zombies will crumble to dust once the effect wears off. Or you can speed it up with a follow up blast to their stony faces!


bullets are so awesome they can’t be limited to just one zombie! This super handy bullet will bounce from one zombie to another, hitting all zombies in range, so you and the poor zombies hit with it won’t even know what happened. A bouncer is much better utilized against a group of enemies that threaten to surround you. More importantly, bouncer bullets have a really neat sound effect.


Area weapons are like grenades you can toss outside of windows to clear out groups of zombies before they can enter the place you’re defending. Of course, these weapons are much more entertaining than just any old grenade and may even surprise you with how helpful they can be. One well placed area weapon can quickly turn the tide and be the difference between victory and defeat. Just like special bullets, however, they are limited to a certain amount each night. But once you buy an area weapon, it is yours to equip for any battle from then on.


The Gnawer is the default Area Weapon you begin with. Very basic and hardly the most useful, this automated bear trap charges forward and takes a bite out of whatever gets in its way. It will be most effective for dealing extra damage and making things a bit easier, if only for a few seconds. Definitely check out the better area weapon selections at the Zombie Store sooner than later!

Killer Grass

Killer Grass hates to be mowed but loves to stop intruders near the windows! Surprise enemies and turn them to fertilizer with this wide-spreading area weapon that sends sharp blades of grass up from the ground and impales enemies mercilessly! Just the sound of killer grass blades shooting up from the ground is enough to send chills down anybody’s spine, alive or undead.

UFO Abduction

UFO Abduction is an area weapon that’s out of this world! When a large wave of zombies threatens to swarm over you, few things are more satisfying than whipping out your pocket UFO and sending any zombie caught in its beam straight to another planet! Seriously effective for clearing out an area immediately, you have a very limited amount for use each night so they are best used for emergency situations. Zombie abduction victims won’t be phoning home anytime soon!

Brain Decoy

Brain Decoy is an area weapon that is a no-brainer for distracting the undead! Zombies will not only follow this walking toy brain as it leads them away from the place you’re protecting, but the decoy itself is a ticking time bomb! BOOM! Talk about brain power! The explosion can take out a number of zombies caught in the blast, so this little toy can be a big help.

Wasp Cocktail

Wasp Cocktail offers zombies a hard serving of nature’s fury when a swarm of angry wasps are released into the area. Not only will the wasp cloud chase away a zombie, but the dozens of stings may just kill it too. If more zombies are in the area or enter the vicinity of this area weapon, then the wasps go after them as well. This area weapon is all the buzz with zombie cleaners, you gotta try it at least once to see why it’s the bee’s knees!

Bottled Lightning

Bottled Lightning is the ultimate area weapon for dishing out massive damage to all zombies that dare to come your way? Look no further than inside the Bottled Lightning! Tossing this out of a window releases a huge storm of lightning bolts that fries all zombies to a toast! Zap them so fast they’ll have no time to be shocked!

Baby Death Worm

Baby Death Worm area weapon has the most damaging power of all area weapons but a limited range. It will summon a huge terrifying creature out of the depths of the earth to devour its zombie prey ruthlessly! Quite the spectacle but only capable of attacking the exact area it is thrown, it may best be used against the tougher boss enemies that can cause major trouble when they appear.

Window Turrets

Window Turrets are very special types of weapons that can be placed directly onto windows and automatically fire at approaching zombies, leaving you free to not worry about that specific window and clear out the others. These turrets, besides killing nearby undead, also block their way through a window when intact. You can pick up a turret you’ve placed and put it on another window too, using the same button you used to deploy it.
Turrets are not immune to zombie attacks, however, and can be damaged by them. Keep an eye out for a broken turret and quickly repair it to cover that window again, using the Wrench button that shows up in the place of the Turret button when it’s broken. There is no limit to the amount of times a turret can be repaired. You can only use one window turret on one window at a time during a night, the one you have equipped.

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun Turret is the most basic turret, available to you from the start. While it does its job at watching your back, it moves in a preset back and forth motion randomly spraying very weak bullets. Only a couple of slaps from a zombie malfunctions it, so you’d be much better off upgrading your Window Turret at the ZombieStore once you have enough coins. There are plenty of fun and much more efficient choices to replace the Machine Gun, so check them out and enjoy!

Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening is a window turret that quite literally packs a big punch! While this turret has limited range, it more than makes up for it with its attack power. Basically a punching glove on a really big spring, place this bad boy on a window and get ready to be amused time and time again by unsuspecting zombies getting knocked dead on the spot by this champion of window protection!

Spud Cannon

Spud Cannon is an example of technology and vegetables coming together to create the perfect zombie defense. It swings back and forth and shooting indiscriminately at whatever zombie crosses the path of the potatoes it shoots, clearing a wide area. This turret’s ammo hits with greater force and with excellent range, making it a ripe choice for picking off zombies from a distance. Plus, it doubles as lunch during zombie cleaning crunch time.

Lucy Zombietrap

Lucy Zombietrap is perhaps the cutest of the window turrets, though that’s not saying much. This zombievore potted plant waits eagerly at windows for zombies to chomp on. While her range is the smallest of all the turrets, her bite is much bigger than her tree bark. You can feel safe when Lucy’s watching your back, and there’s no watering required!

Death Sucker

Death Sucker is the result of strapping a stick of dynamite to a toilet plunger and shoot it from a crossbow! Death Sucker is amongst the top choices for zombie cleaners for its incredible efficiency. Any zombies that even think about coming close to this weapon of madness finds themselves running frantically for their lives with a few seconds to live. Best yet, a zombie with a Death Sucker stuck to its face will run back towards other approaching zombies and take them all out in the explosion. A must buy for later levels. But seriously, don’t try it at home.

Cannon Hat

Cannon Hat is considered the best choice for Turrets, as it is the most expensive. But what makes it truly special is the fact that it doubles as a fashion statement. Zombie cleaners can feel safe hammering windows and cleaning goo with a hat that automatically fires bullets at any zombie that gets too close. While it technically isn’t placed on windows, its portability and maxed-out attack power makes it truly special and essential in defeating the Zombie King. Just don’t wear it to Thanksgiving dinner!

Cleaning Items

Things can get pretty hectic when zombie cleaning, but that’s no excuse to be sloppy! Your score is affected by how much zombie goo you leave splattered on the ground of the place you’re defending, so don’t forget to use your equipped cleaning item to keep the place spotless! At the end of each night you’ll have a few seconds to clean up, but don’t count on it being enough time for bigger messes. Whenever you find yourself with a few seconds between zombie waves, take advantage to clean any goo off the floor immediately.

To use a cleaning weapon tap the cleaning icon on the bottom left corner of the screen when there is Goo on the floor and Chuck will automatically place himself over the nearest stain. Scrub the goo icon up and down quickly until you’ve removed the mess. If there is more than one stain, keep scrubbing until the whole place is clean. Remember, targeting a zombie or moving away will automatically break Chuck out of cleaning mode.
Of course, if no zombie is able to get inside at all because you’re too good at keeping them out, then the only thing that’ll need cleaning is your client’s wallet! Yeah baby, it pays to be tidy!

The Mop is the default cleaning tool, and while it’s good for the first couple of levels you will soon discover as the amount of zombie goo starts piling up that it is just not efficient enough to handle the mayhem that comes your way. Check out the ZombieStore for better cleaning weapons, or the only thing you’ll be mopping up from the floor is your pride!

The Gut Vacuum is much faster than a mop, and it sucks so you don’t! It works in the same manner as the mop, but with much more speed and efficiency. Any good zombie cleaner should put this atop of his or her Zombiestore shopping list early on.


Zombauto is the third cleaning tool upgrade and it’s a vacuum cleaner with a mind of its’ own! Just tap the cleaning icon to turn it on and it will automatically chase out and remove any goo stains in the vicinity, leaving you free to blast zombies without worrying about the mess. A bit slow, but very helpful as no more scrubbing is required with this equipped. Don’t worry, no one will think you’re lazy…just resourceful!
With Zombauto Plus, automatic goo cleaning at the tap of an icon just got even better! The last and by far the best available cleaning item, the Zombauto Plus is the upgraded version of the Zombauto, with more speed and greater cleaning power. Seriously, if this thing were any more helpful it would be playing the game for you! But it can only do its thing if you remember to tap the cleaning button, so don’t forget it’s there!


Vicky’s Diner

Welcome to Niceville’s most popular diner! Unfortunately, tonight you are on the menu! Here come Niceville’s newest zombies, and they look hungry. Say hello to Marcie, who may be quick but don’t you dare call her fast! And Louie, who’s big and tough and goes straight for the jukebox which you must protect. Consider this first zombie attack Niceville’s way of saying hello.
Suggested Weapons: Default Weapons

Aunt Lilly’s Barn

The zombies are invading Aunt Lily’s barn! Keep the Flamies from barbequing Bella the cow, and watch out for the rampaging bull zombies that destroy your window defenses in one hit. Toro! This level shouldn’t too tough, but if you don’t concentrate then you’ll be the one put to pasture!
Suggested Weapons: Buckshot main bullet, FrostBite special bullets, Rude Awakening

Vlads Castle

It’s time to get medieval on these zombies! Protect Count Vlads’ family shield from heavily armored Knighties, and hunt the Witchies that spawn zombies directly into the castle. Hocus Pocus, don’t lose your focus!
Suggested Weapons: Wonderslug main bullet, Lucy Zombietrap, Killer Grass

Vince’s Barbershop

The Niceville zombies are headed towards the barbershop, but it’s not for a trim! They’re out to destroy Vince’s gumball machine, so pop their bubble before things get sticky. This one’s gonna be a close shave!
Suggested Weapons: Flesh Eater special bullets, Pocket UFO

Viking Hut

The Viking zombies are out to pillage chief Joerund’s hut, and they’ve got their eyes set on the whale rib dinner. Protect it from the undead invaders, and take out Brunhilda as soon as possible. Her song makes the other zombies more powerful, so it can very well be over when the fat lady sings!
Suggested Weapons: Medusa special bullets, Gut Vacuum

Joe’s House

It’s a party at Joe’s house, the town’s beatnik bartender, and all of Niceville’s zombies are crashing! They’re out to get his guitars, so that means it’s time to rock and roll! Keep a special eye out for Louie, and play him some sweet chin music, baby!
Suggested Weapons: Flat-Liner main bullet, Toy Brain

Ancient Egypt

This level’s so intense you’ll be crying for your mummy! Beware the mighty Pharaoh, who can summon multiple Flamies to attack you. And you’d better believe these mummies want nothing more than to destroy the Sarcophagus, it won’t help you to be in The Nile. The Nile, get it? HA!
Suggested Weapons: Plunger Bomb


Bernie needs help at the city’s volunteer firehouse. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any hotter in Niceville, the zombies are back and out to destroy the fire department’s and its only CB Radio! There are many zombies that can destroy your window defenses in one hit here, so put their flames out quickly or you’ll get burned!
Suggested Weapons: Shocker Main bullet, Bouncer Bullets, Wasp Grenade, Zombauto

Medieval Japan

Yoshitomo-san is in dire straits and needs help with his zombie infestation, that is threatening his pet goldfish. What is scarier than a zombie Geisha hurling a fan to slice your head off? How about a zombie ninja crashing through the window at 40 miles per hour? How about twenty ninja zombies crashing through the windows almost simultaneously? Say hello to Medieval Japan, and say sayonara to your sanity!
Suggested Weapons: Cannon Hat, Baby Deathworm or Bottled Lightning, Zombauto Plus

Zombie King’s Lair

This is it, the final confrontation to save Niceville from the forces of evil. The Zombie King will throw fireballs and other dangers at you while all the zombies you’ve defeated throughout history come back for one last chance at revenge. Just stay calm and focus your firepower on the King until you’ve sent him back to the abyss from where he came!

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